Ruth Anderson Horrell Talks About Training in LA

After flying out from a wintry New Zealand two weeks ago, Ruth Anderson Horrell has wasted no time preparing for the 2013 CrossFit Games.

Giving her body little time to overcome jetlag, she immediately teamed up with Lindsey Valenzuela and Sam Briggs to begin a gruelling training camp at DogTown CrossFit to train for this year’s competition.

But it’s been a tough first week for the Kiwi CrossFitter, having to overcome severe cases of dehydration, heat exhaustion and a few niggling injuries.

In the above video, Ruth Anderson Horrell chats about her first week training in LA, and the issues she’s been having acclimatising to the hot LA summer.

Ruth Anderson Horrell
Ruth is a 28 year old CrossFit athlete from New Zealand and competed at the 2011 and 2012 CrossFit Games (placing 31st and 17th respectively). Ruth is also an Olympic Weightlifter for NZ, representing her country in the 2012 Oceania and Trans Tasman Champs. When she is not competing, Ruth spends her time coaching at her affiliate CrossFit Wild South, working as a sheep farmer and building a career as a Locum small animal veterinarian.