RPM Speed Rope Giveaway: Winners Announced!

Limited Edition 'The Rx Review' RPM Speed Rope!

Limited Edition ‘The Rx Review’ RPM Speed Rope!

Last week we ran an RPM Speed Rope Giveaway on our site, giving readers the chance to win one of the limited edition ‘The Rx Review’ Speed Rope’s by RPM Fitness.

In order to enter we asked readers to do one of four things:

1. Answer the Question: “If you already have an RPM Rope, simply tell us what you like about it. Or if you want to try it, tell us why?”

2. Like RPM Fitness on Facebook

3. Follow RPM Fitness on Twitter

4. Follow RPM Fitness on Instagram

We got a great response with some fantastic answers and nearly 150 comments on our page.

Today we are announcing the winners of the Giveaway! They are as follows:

RPM Speed Rope Winners:

Isaac Bleicher

Dwayne Dimm


If you haven’t done so already, make sure you send your details to john@therxreview.com to ensure you get your limited edition ‘The Rx Review’ speed rope.

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John Michael Bric
John is a newsreader, freelance writer and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. In recent times he has been a contributing writer for the CrossFit Games and CrossFit Community websites, and is a 2013 Australia Regional Media Director for CrossFit inc. When he's not CrossFitting, he can often be heard reading the morning news on the radio or trying to convince people that chicken burgers, french fries and beer are all Paleo.
John Michael Bric