Rich Froning 2010 vs Rich Froning 2012

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Rich Froning Jr.

Rich Froning Jr.

I like Rich Froning just as much as the next guy, and he is a great athlete to benchmark off of…if you like being depressed.

Recently I stumbled across his athlete profile from the 2010 CrossFit Games, the first games in which he competed, and decided to do a little comparison. His progression over the last two years is quite impressive.

 Rich Froning – 2010      Rich Froning – 2012     Increase  
Height 5’8″ Height 5’10″ 2.9%
Weight 185 lb. Weight 195 lb. 5.4%
Fran 2:30 Fran 2:17 8.6%
Grace 2:10 Grace 1:20 38.5%
Fight Gone Bad 375 Fight Gone Bad 504  34.4%
Clean & Jerk 255 lb. Clean & Jerk 325 lb. 27.4%
Snatch 200 lb. Snatch 270 lb.  35%
Deadlift 455 lb. Deadlift 525 lb.  15.4%
Back Squat 365 lb. Back Squat 425 lb.  16.4%


I am not sure if he actually grew two inches in two years or if the stats are being padded a little bit like in the NFL. Either way, overall, the guy is quite impressive.

The main thing I want to point out is not only the progression of Rich Froning, but also the progression of the CrossFit Games. In 2010 Rich placed 2nd overall in the Games. However, as I look at his stats from 2010, they are impressive, but really not that impressive.

I know plenty of guys, now, who can achieve most of his 2010 stats and will not be at the Games this year. Still great achievements, but now the Games are evolving as more and more athletes go for the title. The athletes are getting more serious. Had Rich stayed where he was at or only progressed a little, he wouldn’t have made it to any future Games.

The CrossFit Games set out to find the fittest man and woman on earth, and as they move forward the standards get higher and higher. It is incredibly impressive to see the numbers and times athletes are starting to throw out in arenas around the world.

What’s most impressive is the fact that the same athletes manage to get to the Games over and over. If Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa or Chris Spealler were to compete against a ‘two-year-ago’ version of themselves…they would destroy themselves.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again; the CrossFit Games is still very much in it’s infancy. People will become more accustomed to CrossFit competition and bodies will reach their max potential. Once this happens, who wins the CrossFit Games will be a matter of inches, milliseconds and half repetitions.

Judging by the impressive statistical improvements these number show in just two years, I think it is fair to say we are yet to see the best of Froning and other competitors as the sport of CrossFit continues to be fostered.

Jerred Moon
Jerred is a CrossFit addict, wanna-be adrenaline junkie, heavy lifter, loving husband and proud father. He is the creator of The Ultimate WOD Log and also runs the End of Three Fitness website, where he is trying to help others break the mold and join the revolution of fitness non-conformity.
Jerred Moon

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  • Ryan Lang

    interesting to see how he’s progressed, that guy is a beast!  each year we’ll be blown away by the progressive numbers these guys will keep putting up

  • Nick Wheeler

    I am probably the only person in the world that is not a fan of Rich Froning.  Just something about him.

    • Timothy Donegan

      and what is that something?

    • Joshwright

      No you’re not. He tried to come on to me after practice in the high school showers. LOTS of dudes from cookeville don’t like him. He’s gay, which is fine, unless you are married and in DENIAL.

  • Susan Parris

    I’m only new to CrossFit as my daughter and son in law own a CrossFit gym.    I was blown away at the Australian regionals last weekend.   I’ve seen Chad compete before.  The guy is a machine and makes it look so freakin easy.   I’ll have to check out this Froning dude.   And yes, I’ve done some CrossFitt.  Killed me but absolutely loved it!    

  • John Michael Bric


  • Arthur Lim

    If you’re training right, these are all achievable. I’m just 7 months into CrossFit and I can now do so much more than what I could do before CrossFit. So, it’s best to keep a training log.

  • Sam Panagakis

    He is a machine… Do you have Khalipa’s stats?? It would be interesting to see if he has maintained or improved over the years???…

    • John Michael Bric

      I would love to see Khalipa’s stats to. WHo know’s maybe Jerred will compare his stats next week!!

      Either way, this article is spot on…. his 2010 stats would be not that great compared to other athletes this year.

  • afto

    i have met rich before and he is closer to 5’8 than 5’10…ha

    • Michael: The Rx

      Well it looks like our sport is definitely going Professional lol

  • Erick

    CrossFit makes you taller!! Awesome!!

    • Jarek

      He just fixed his posture dude. There is no such exercises that makes you taller.

  • Scott

    Awesome to see the massive improvements. I’m sure the progression of athletes will continue like this in the years and possibly even decade to come. Not so sure about the part at the end, about competitions being decided by such slim margins. That may be true of sports like running or swimming but there are far more complex motions and ways to do crossfit that I never see it going there. It’s much more comparable to something like oldschool weight lifting where you can win by a landslide sometimes or maybe just eek it out. All comes down to hardest worker, gutsiest performance and who peaks at the right time.

    • Michael: The Rx

      Well said Scott.

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  • AzCodito

    What type of testing has Crossfit implemented?  With $$ comes those who push themselves in many ways both physically and ethically. 

  • Dynamicxfit

    Over a 2 year period with the way he trains that should be expected. The gains are crazy! He’s just a hard worker and progression is a given. What I can’t wrap my head around is how a 25 year old guy grew 2 inches. That’s weird to me

  • Koolarrow

    Impressive. Especially the growth in height. Is that a result of a PED or HGH?

  • Mark

    The 2010 stats you posted are not accurate (including the height) according to this link to the athlete profiles on the CFG site from 2010

    • Nick

      Mark the stats you are using are not the ones referred to so your all wrong Haha. Jokes aside the games and froning himself posted his stats I above so there is some confusion.

    • Jerred

      Not sure who is right. What I used when I wrote the article.,287/

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  • Jim

    Is this guy possibly on performance enhancing drugs?

    • Griffin

      I suppose it’s possible, but possibly not. My strength numbers are slightly greater than his, but his endurance and muscle endurance blow me out of the water. 195 pounds at five foot ten is certainly obtainable.

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  • John

    These are untrue stats. Froning is awesome.

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  • JuiceFreak

    Hey Rich, DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRA?!?!

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  • Samuel Sanchez

    Well, 2013 has rolled around and Rich has updated his stats. (his heigh went down to 5’9) Besides that, he’s only gotten faster, stronger and more skilled! It’s scary to think that his progress hasn’t even slowed down… D:

    • Richard Frowning

      Shame he’s only “skilled” in crossfit, and not a legitimate sport or hobby.

      • CJ Stockwell

        Crossfit is a legitimate sport and if you don’t consider it one your only fooling yourself.

      • Etienne Lombard

        What is so funny to me as that I have never met a crossfitter that has dissed any other sport, nor its current champion. Why is everybody so against it. For heaven sake let people train the way they want. If crossfit is such a poor sport and Rich Froning such a poor athlete, why don’t you pucker up and try and beat him. And another fact that astonishes me. Everyone always goes on about Crossfit taking Olympic lifts, boot camp workouts etc and combining them. Is this the first thing in the world to do so….NOOOO. Everything changes and adapts, takes from something else and makes it better (for yourself or the benefits of others). Don’t be such a hater man

  • doug

    doping !

  • doug

    first he train 2-4 times a day…
    two he has a lot of muscles
    = doping, doping, doping !

  • john

    drugs machine !

  • Alex

    Is the increase height due to HGH? or what ever…

  • jl120

    Crossfit IS FOR PUSSIES!!!!!

    • nun

      idiot , your the pussy

      • Jesse

        Nope Mr. I have ZERO muscle YOU’re THE PUSSY for not realizing that crossfit is a fad that JUST NEEDS TO DIE ALREADY!!!!!!

      • Richard Frowning

        you’re*. Learn to spell, pussy.

  • jl120

    Rich froning is NOT THAT STRONG!!!! Weak ass form in crossfit.

  • 500BC

    Does everyone on here really lack that much intelligence? Doping? Really? Continuing on and receiving any type of education background in fitness will tell you that almost every comment below doesn’t make any sense…Its easy to sit back and criticize but you need facts to give validity to make informative influential opinions.

  • Dan

    Even if he was on steroids he is a incredible athlete, I would love to see you try and beat him even on steroids. Stop hating jealousy is an ugly thing

  • Dan

    Also for you uneducated idiots, growth after puberty is very possible when you stretch and train ligaments

    • Lehmann108

      Not that bright there, Dan!

  • Cham Wije

    those are horrible lifts

  • Richard Frowning

    Yeah, these numbers are padded. Shit, I’m pretty sure a 14 year old girl that power lifts has better stats than Rich. in fact, I know of a 14yo girl that does have better stats.

    • kenv

      bs. what’s her name?

  • doug

    i have no proof because nobody is going to tell you he is on roids or other drugs { rip Amstrong… } but i beleive 100 percent sport champions take drugs !
    Look at Froning he trains several times a day and he is too big, when you train like that you burn too much calories, he shouldn’t be so big even if he eats all the day…
    Second, according himself he almost never take a break but the muscles to grow up need to recover a lot so why is he so big ?
    And 3, when you train all day you need to recover a lot too, not only your muscles but the mind, the nervous system…
    So to my opinion all the crossfit superstars are on drugs to recover and train hard… a lot of drugs !

  • Guest

    The games athletes definitely do steroids anyone who says otherwise is completely gullible

  • Reid Cockburn

    first frize is $250,000. Name one sport where people wouldn’t juice their peanuts off to win that and you get a gold star. Froning has was numerous times? this is not rocket science, its a fact of ALL athletics now.

  • Lehmann108

    Essentially all the top cross-fit men and women are juiced to the gills. It’s absolutely disgusting. Look at all that sudden growth in muscle mass. What a joke!

  • David

    If anyone IS gullible enough to believe that the top crossfitters (Rich Froning included) are NOT on drugs, consider this: Steriods have proven over, and over, and over, and over again that they can turn any 98lb weakling into a superstrong 200+lb solid muscle human. If you don’t know this, you have not known anyone who has taken them and admits to it. There simply is not, and never will be a human being who “just happens” to be so far genetically superior to the the very next closest human on the face of the earth (keep in mind the statistical likelyhood of that with over 7.5 billion people in the world) that he could out perform the next closest genetically gifted human who DOES opt to take drugs.

    If the Crossfit community somehow was “immune” to drug users, all it would take was ONE ‘AVERAGE’ natural competitor who decides to cheat and take the drugs. That one “average” competitor would quickly turn and completely annihilate EVERY other competitor. Doug, it 10000% SPOT ON!

    There is only one remotely logical conclusion. That is that the top Crossfit competitors ARE without any remote possibility, ON DRUGS!!!!!