Review: lululemon Repetition Duffel Bag

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This week we take a moment to give you our first impression review of the lululemon Repetition Duffel sports bag.

As CrossFittters we all carry so much with us to the box — from our jump ropes, tape, towels, wraps, gloves, rope climbing socks or shin guards, Climb On!, water bottles, low profile shoes, weightlifting shoes, post workout supplements and meals, lacrosse balls and a variety of other mobility tools, we need a bag that can not only be functional but also practical.

So check out the video review of the lululemon Repetition Duffel above.

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Michael McCoy

Michael McCoy

Michael founded The Rx Review in 2011 after discovering there were no news and product review websites catering to CrossFitters. A contributing writer to the CrossFit Games and the CrossFit Community website, he is currently the 2013 Australian Regional Media Director and was the 2012 Head Writer for the Australian Regionals for CrossFit Inc.
Michael McCoy
  • emma_nicole

    So it is true guys do carry as much as girls.

  • Rodney

    Nice review on a great looking bag. I like the lighter color contrasts on the inside to help make it easier to find my keys.

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