Giveaway: Win A Viper Fitness Fitness Starter Package!

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With the 2013 CrossFit Games kicking off this month, we thought we’d celebrate the occasion by giving you the chance to win one of five Functional Fitness Beginner Packs from Viper Fitness Equipment.

For those who aren’t familiar with Viper Fitness Equipment, they are a new brand to launch in Australia, specialising in high quality Functional Fitness and conditioning equipment.

Not only do they sell everything from bumper weights to speed ropes, but they also provide custom made clothing for affiliates and have a wide variety of pre packaged paleo meals and snacks they can deliver to your front door.

Basically, ViperFit is a one stop online shop for all CrossFitters and fitness enthusiasts.
With such a wide variety of products online, ViperFit are today giving you the chance to win one of five Functional Fitness Beginner Packs.

Each winner will receive a pack that includes all your CrossFit training essentials:

1. Handgrips
2. Trigger Point Foam Roller
3. Jump Rope
4. Shorts
5. Rocktape

ViperFit Package

Trigger Point Foam Roller, RockTape, Handgrips, Jump Rope and Shorts to win!

We will be selecting the 5 lucky winners all this week. There are 3 ways you can enter the competition:

1. Tell us, “What is your favourite product from the ViperFit online store and why?”

2. Like Viper Fitness Equipment on Facebook

3. Follow Viper Fitness on Instagram:  Viperfitnessequipment 

If you answer the question or like/follow them on Facebook or Instagram tell us in a separate comment below. That way you could end up with 3 entries into the draw!

* Due to postal restrictions, this competition is only open to those in Australia. Alternatively, if you live outside Australia but have someone in the country you can post it to, feel free to enter.

** Update (July 10, 2013) – This competition is now over. To find out if you are one of the lucky five winners, click here and watch our Weekly News Wrap Video. We reveal all five winning names in our 2-minute vid!

Michael McCoy

Michael McCoy

Michael founded The Rx Review in 2011 after discovering there were no news and product review websites catering to CrossFitters. A contributing writer to the CrossFit Games and the CrossFit Community website, he is currently the 2013 Australian Regional Media Director and was the 2012 Head Writer for the Australian Regionals for CrossFit Inc.
Michael McCoy
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  • Kylee

    I followed them on facebook

  • Nicole Robinson

    Liked on Facebook

  • Nicole Robinson

    Followed on Instagram

  • Alex Pastrana

    I love the short they’re badass

  • James Hogben

    Trigger point foam roller, they are the best for mobility befor or after a workout, would love one of my own!

  • Paul Cividin

    Liked them on Facebook & followed on instagram!

  • Sarah

    Followed on FB and indigram! Love the sandbags, painfull but get results!!

  • Erin Y

    followed on instagram

  • Erin Y

    Liked on Facebook!

  • Catriona Dudgeon

    Like in Facebook and following on Instagram. I LOVE the pre packaged paleo meals! Been waiting for someone to do this and deliver in QLD

  • Nikki stanley

    Followed them on Facebook and Instagram.

  • WODLounge

    Awesome. Loving the Kettlebells. I think I want everything in the store. Too bad you don’t ship to the US.

  • Andrew

    Liked on Facebook

  • Andrew

    Followed on Instagram

  • Andrew

    The handgrips are unbelievable! Haven’t torn my hands since wearing them, and the added bonus of extra grip on the bar just tops it off. Use them all the time!

  • James

    Liked on FB

  • JJ

    Trigger point roller – never go away from home without one!
    (followed on instagram and like the page!!)

  • Simon Cooper

    Followed on Facebook and Instagram :) looovee the trigger point foam rollers!! Use them every day as a recovery and warm up tool.. Can really feel the benefits during performance and the next morning!

  • Jase

    Liked on FB

  • Jase

    Love the speed rope, really helped get my Double unders going when I was struggling

  • James

    Hand grips, massively help your grip with gymnastic movements, especially butterfly chins!

  • James

    Liked on FB, followed on Instagram!

  • Rhianon

    I love the training shorts… Too bad this girl doesn’t have the legs (yet!) to rock them! I’ve tried hubby’s on, and they’re so comfy!

  • Rhianon

    Like on facebook :)

  • Rhianon

    Follow on instagram (sconeonamission)

  • Lee Forster

    like on facebook

  • Lukas Lundbeck

    the Viper-T-Shirt-Original is my favorite. The Viper on the back looks totally badass ;-)
    Also like on Facebook.

  • Jon

    Liked on Facebook :P

  • Jennifer

    I would like one if their slam balls to use at home!
    Also liked on Facebook!

  • Lyn

    Liked on Facebook

  • Pascal

    I love those shorts

  • Natalia Lara

    Love the trigger point foam rollers! I honestly don’t know how I survived so long without them!!

  • Michelle

    The foam rollers. I don’t have a trigger point one yet.

  • Naomi Komisarjevsky

    Like on Facebook. Follow on Instagram.

  • Ben Madden

    Liked on Facebook and Instagram

  • Ben Madden

    Foam rollers are great for reaching those annoying little aches.

  • Jessica Eggleton

    That’s a hard one, life is always better with more chalk, but I’m going to have to go with that Trigger Point foam roller, the rumble roller style. It may be painful, but it does the body a whole lot of good. Recovery is just as important as the exercise itself.

  • Jessica Eggleton

    Liked on Facebook.
    Followed on Instagram.

  • Yossel

    Liked in Facebook.

  • Yossel

    Favorite product is the TP roller, nothing works as well as one of those…

  • Yossel

    Liked on Instagram.

  • Alli

    Liked on Facebook!

  • luis moncada

    Liked on facebook

  • Alli

    My favorite piece of viper equipment is the box jump boxes! My university purchased them for the Student Recreation Center and it was fantastic! I could keep up my conditioning while away from my box and at school for semesters at a time. Viper boxes are so sturdy but take out the hassle of lugging boxes around with the light, open frame! Thank you Viper Fitness!

  • luis moncada

    The foam roller , my legs are not as strong as they should be they red line to fast and are always hurting after a wod, the roller is my bestfriend . I sit down and roll out my legs im in pain when i do its a love hate relationship but i always feel so much better after i do !!

  • jack bresnahan

    Liked on Facebook.

  • jack bresnahan

    Liked on Instagram.

  • Ernie Koh

    The original viper tshirt is hectic. Like on fb and followed in Instagram!!

  • Carah cole

    Rock tape! Never thought it would work but totally helps my shoulder!

  • Ian Boggs

    Favorite is the original T

  • Ian Boggs

    Liked on FB

  • FamLivingSimple

    And my favorite would be the speed rope. I really need my own speed rope.

  • FamLivingSimple

    Followed on Instagram

  • FamLivingSimple

    Liked on FB

  • Suzie

    liked the page!!!

  • JenisFit

    I love love love their prepackaged paleo meals

  • JenisFit

    liked their facebook page

  • JenisFit

    I love love love their prepackaged paleo meals

  • JenisFit

    Not sure why I have to keep getting a new avatar. Something playing up with Disqus.

  • JenisFit

    PS I added them on insta last night.

  • Lesley Cathcart

    My favourite is the speed rope. So easy to adjust to exactly the right length. It really made a huge difference with my double unders.

  • Matt Rogers

    They have a great logo

  • richie

    liked the page and following on istagram

  • Ross

    Already liked on Facebook!

  • Ross

    Favourite item would be the lumpy roller, which i don’t own at the moment, but have tried them before!

  • Ross

    On my way to Instagram to like there!

  • Tiffsta

    Foam roller! because mobility work is a key component of injury prevention

  • Brian

    Liked on Facebook, would have to be the trigger point foam roller. Need need need to do more foam rolling!

  • Fabio

    Liked on Facebook & followed on Instagram! Would love the roller & the shorts seem great for WODs!

  • Matt Hollamby

    Awesome equipment, have shared this website with all my mates at our box! Would love to try this great equipment out!,!

  • Dale Supple

    Good luck to everyone. I’d love to win though! :)

  • Dan Cowan

    The rocktape for sure. Although if I win and can try some more viper products then I may have a new favourite item!

  • Adam Brazell

    Would be better with that rope

  • Mary Chat

    Gymnastics grips to save my hands!

  • Megan Marsh

    Trigger Point Foam Roller. best way to roll out hands down! (Liked on facebook)

  • Luke

    Hand grips rock no more tares for me!

  • Nicky

    Liked on Facebook. Would say the abmat and the rumble roller equivalent.

  • Colin McEachan

    Viper shorts because they’re durable, comfortable, they look awesome and I’m the only person in my box so far who has a pair!

  • Kieran mackey

    Liked on fb.
    Definately those hand grips, save my hands from tearing and help my grip so i can get 50 unbroken pull ups

  • JamesD

    My hands and back hurt. I need hand grips and a roller!

  • Damon Hughes

    My favourite product from the ViperFit online store is the trigger point foam roller. I’d say this is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who exercises at high intensity or anyone who just wants to maintain optimal bloodflow and mobility. Although you might see me grimace whilst I’m applying some much needed pressure with the roller – don’t be fooled, I love it!

  • Pat

    Still hurting from Primal Throwdown in West Aus!

  • Katrina L

    Liked on Facebook!

  • Katrina L

    Rocktape for sure! Not only practical but with all the colours and patterns, you can choose depending on your mood :)

  • Dave

    I would love the trigger point foam roller. So tight through the lower back

  • Dave Winfindale

    Liked on Facebook and followed on Instagram!

  • Nic J

    The trigger point roller! Cos self torture is cool!

  • NotCharlie

    Liked liked liked of FB baby!

  • NotCharlie

    I want some of their Paleo food and I love their Viper Snake on their shirts. Although I tear my hands head so handgrips would be sweet

  • NotCharlie

    I added on Instgram.

  • lilyvalley

    liked on Instagram now!

  • lilyvalley

    Liked on Facebook previously.

  • Erik

    Liked on FB! Speed rope would be cool to practice double unders away from the box…

  • lilyvalley

    Favorite piece of equipment are the jump boxes, coz they are my worst goat!!

  • David Gurney

    Would love to win all of this awesome gear.

    Dave Gurney

  • lj

    Foam roller, definitely the favourite.

  • Jess Renshaw

    foam roller for sure!! those things are like gold for tight muscles!!

  • jack bresnahan

    Favourite piece of equipment definetly the foam roller as I get quite tight and this really helps with mobility.

  • Cup0Noodles

    Chalk. Because you can never have enough chalk.

  • harrison

    The bumpers because they’re so cheap!

  • mat

    Foamy, need it for ITB

  • Mike

    Hand grips. Finger holes are perfect size, don’t have to cut them open like other brands…

  • Simon

    It’s gotta be the pull up grips – my girlfriend is more sick of my callouses than I am!

  • Ricky Pryce

    page liked
    That roller looks great good kind of pain

  • KellyMachala

    The jump rope! I’m desperately trying master the DU but am hitting a wall. I swear its because I don’t have my own customized sweet rope!

  • Bec

    Page liked and followed. The foam roller! Yesss

  • Tim Sumpton

    Kit looks great. Would be awesome to score some.

    • Michael: The Rx

      @timsumpton:disqus we are choosing you as one of our winners. Contact me at to arrange details.

  • pjh

    Just liked the page. Nice site and hope to hear good things about their customer service and interaction.

  • Kane hill

    Love the product would love some of those shorts so when I squat the shorts won’t get stuck on my legs and the rolla would be great for recovery :) and the rest would be a bonus :)

  • Jill Hudson

    So desperate for a roller :)
    Liked on Facebook and following on Instagram!
    Fingers crossed

  • Michelle

    Liked Viper Fitness Equipment on Facebook

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  • devin

    Sick gear!

  • Brian Green

    That’s a winning combo giveaway. I really like their climbing ropes, always wanted to install one of those to workout with. Liked their Facebook page whether I win or not ;) Thanks for the chance to win cool gear!

  • Jack Renouf

    My favourite equipment from ViperFit online Is the rings. As it takes time, effort and determination to master the things!

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  • Traci

    #viperfitnessequiptment #awesomestuff #plus….snake

  • Eric

    I want….. and need …. everything for Mobility and wodding!

  • Steve McCullough

    Sandbags are where it’s at

  • Jessica Steffan

    my husband is a newbie. he REALLY needs these things in his new tool box!

  • David Wonn

    Triathletes always need a lot of gear … But that foam roller is EXCELLENT !!!

  • chadi

    barbells are so handy and get results?

  • Philip

    Too bad. Just flew back to US from Cairns yesterday. I like the look of those shorts though.


    my handgrips are worn out but i love how they save me for ripping =D

  • Tammy

    I would love this an even share with my husband! :)

  • James Cavallo

    Liked Viper fitness equipment on facebook

  • James Cavallo

    My favourite product are the foam rollers. Without performing regular mobility/maintenance, then I can’t do as many WODs as I need to

  • Jeremy Rosen

    Liked on facebook and Instagram!

  • Jeff Louella

    The gear looks great.

  • glen macdonald

    Love you gear have a pair of shorts…hopefully you’ll look out for this old Marine Vet

  • Wayne

    liked on face book!! don’t have any Viper Fitness stuff yet but I would love to try out the shorts… I have been looking to buy a pair of wod shorts from somewhere but haven’t pulled the trigger yet

  • Kelly Harper

    Liked on Facebook :)

  • marcus lewis

    t v s b t a s

  • Jason Brown

    Foam rollers are heaven on earth after a solid workout! I have terrible calves and the best recovery is a good session on the roller. Haven’t tried a trigger point yet but I’ve heard painful but good stories!

  • Jen Price

    Hoping the speed rope will become my favourite Viper Fitness Equipment item. I’ve got triple unders in my sights & need all the help I can.

  • Jen Price

    Liked on Facebook.

  • Jen Price

    Followed on Instagram.

  • Christopher Monachino

    Liked on Facebook: Christopher Patrick

    Followed on Instagram:

  • Mathew

    Liked on facebook and followed on instagram. Love the trigger point roller, and essential item for my crossfit kit bag.

  • stephane

    Like on facebook
    Follow on instagram
    And i need your short to wear at the box so everyone will want it.

  • Leroy Jamez

    Definitely the Sandbag, helps to mix up training and work the smaller stabilising muscles.
    Liked both Facebook /leroyjf and Instagram @leroyjamez

  • David Gurney

    Liked on Facebook and would love to win the hand grips because my hands are constantly torn up.

  • David Oetjen

    Love my foam roller, but the trigger point one looks great too and the other gear

  • Matt Rogers

    Favourite product is the Viper shorts.

  • Paul Twyman

    Liked on Facebook and Instagram :)

  • Chris Watson

    Those Viper shorts look awesome! Get me a pair!!!

  • Conor Johnson

    The viper shorts look class!!!! Would love a pair of them!!

  • Jason Gibbs


  • Jason Gibbs

    The Foam Roller is the bomb – I enjoy CrossFit way more now that I attention to rolling out before and after every session to really help me perform at my best

  • Tyson

    Just liked u all on FB. Hope I win, so I can show off the winnings @ MBS Crossfit- Broomfield, CO.

  • Tracy Pigors

    I love the foam rollers. They help me crack my back. Liked on facebook! Thanks!

  • Bemma13

    Following them on instagram and facebook!

  • Doc


  • alex edmonds

    Am dirt poor but love my fitness, liked you on facebook and would If I had instagram

  • nathan bridger

    liked on facebook and following on instagram. favourite product is the hand grips for sure, saves so much pain

  • Nick Corkhill

    I like your shorts because they look super comfortable. fb done and instagram.

  • MHague

    Foam roller! Who wants a life without mobility!

  • Pughster

    Hand grips look great, my hands are ripped apart at the moment.

  • Craig M

    Foam roller! I would be a cripple without it.

  • Wayne Hinton

    The trigger foam roller. At my age I need to work out LOTS and LOTS of kinks. ;)

  • Organicall You

    I’d love to try the foam roller
    I liked on Fb (organicall you)

  • Eric Hogan

    The work out shorts are the best!!!

  • Louise Wilson

    Liked on Facebook and following on instagram. Would love to try the roller.

  • JC McLinko

    Yes! I need all of those things (especially the roller, that’s my favorite)!

  • Chastity Rains Baker

    Yes I need these!

  • alex

    I suck at life

  • Helen

    I’ll take the roller & speed rope and give the shorts & grips to my boyfriend! :)

  • Simon

    Love the look of these shorts

  • Brew

    The shorts and the rope look good

  • Akeem Powell


  • Dave

    They all look good

  • Chris

    Like the Viper equipment! You can never have too much!

  • Wojtek Strózik

    Great for every crossfiter!!! :D

  • Daniel

    Viper! Crossfit!

  • Zach

    Sweet Gear!

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  • TheHunter000

    Gotta be the Trigger Point Foam Roller. I have some rolling out to do!

  • reggie

    I need the foam roller. As a newbie to crossfit, I will defn use this to get rid of my kinks.Ah what the heck I want them all.

    • Michael: The Rx

      Hi reggie, unfortunetly the competition is now now closed. The good news is we have another open this week here: