Giveaway: Win 1 of 4 Members Kits from StrongerRx

StrongerRx 'CrossFit Men's Kit'

StrongerRx ‘Men’s Kit’

The CrossFit Games now over for yet another year, with CrossFitters around the world  now beginning to count down the days until the 2014 competition kicks off.

Naturally, some of us might be a bit down knowing that we’ll have to wait almost a year to watch the likes of Rich Froning and Sam Briggs battle it out on the global stage again, so we’d thought we’d try our best to get you in good spirits by giving you the chance to win one of four ‘Members Kits’ from StrongerRx!

For those who aren’t familiar with StrongerRx, they are an online fitness store specialising in high performance athletic wear. StrongerRx was created to deliver superior performance wear for its customers and was one of the first companies in the world to ever come out with true CrossFit Gloves!

According to their website:

“StrongerRx’s research team endures strenuous tests with the latest technologies to ensure ultra-reliable, stylish and innovative sportswear you can depend on your journey to the Top. StrongerRx is committed to providing our athletes with the latest sports apparel. Our High impact apparel is designed to give what highly active individuals want. We are proud to introduce to you our latest lines and accessories to unleash your true physical Performance while maintaining upmost comfort and style.”

This week, thanks to StrongerRx, we are giving you the chance to win one of FOUR male (2) and female (2) ‘Member Kits’! Each kit is valued at over US$110 and are made up of the following:



There are 6 ways you can enter this competition:

1. Simply head to the StrongerRx Website by clicking here, and tell us “What your favourite product is in their online store?”

2. “Like” StrongerRx on Facebook

3. Follow StrongerRx on Instagram

4. Follow StrongerRx on Google+

5. Follow StrongerRx on Twitter

6. Like this article

If you answer the question, Like the article, and or Like/Follow StrongerRx on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram, tell us in a separate comment below. That way you could end up with 6 entries into the draw!

Good Luck!

John Michael Bric
John is a newsreader, freelance writer and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. In recent times he has been a contributing writer for the CrossFit Games and CrossFit Community websites, and is a 2013 Australia Regional Media Director for CrossFit inc. When he's not CrossFitting, he can often be heard reading the morning news on the radio or trying to convince people that chicken burgers, french fries and beer are all Paleo.
John Michael Bric
  • Philip

    I would love to try the yellow competition gloves!

  • Philip

    followed on twitter

  • Philip

    FB liked

  • Philip

    followed on G+

  • Eric

    I love their gloves.

  • JenisFit

    I would love to try their tanks and gloves. Particularily love their “Tight as Fock” Tank.

  • JenisFit

    Liked the article

  • JenisFit

    Cannot like their page from work but will do that shortly

  • JenisFit

    Following them on twitter!

  • JenisFit

    Repined the image

  • Jason

    Their gloves look good, would love to try them!

  • Sam Vernon

    I followed on Twitter

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    I liked on Facebook

  • Sam Vernon

    Followed on instagram

  • Danny Cha

    I love their gloves! As they were one of the first companies in the world to make them, i trust they know what they are doing!!! So i’d buy them, or one of thier cool pink tank tops.
    Pick me!!!!

  • Danny Cha

    and followed on twitter

  • Danny Cha

    and followed in instagram

  • Danny Cha

    I just liked on FB

  • Danny Cha

    not sure how to do google plus so i left that one!

  • Darren Hedrick

    Just liked on FB and followed on Twitter

  • Darren Hedrick

    Love the Shut Up and Squat tee! I’d grab that one if i was to buy something from thier store. CLothes look pretty cool and i’d be interested in checking out their gloves as i never use them in WODs before. Thanks!!!

  • Darren Hedrick

    I also liked the article and google + followed too!!!!

  • Col Sanders

    Loving the look of the StrongeRX Gloves on the site!

  • Monica C.

    One of my favorites items from your site was “The Goat Tape”.. liked cause it really sticks!!

    And those female tank tops look super cute!

    thank You!! :)

  • Cory Heimark

    Love the gloves and goat tape, the Flag Tee is awesome too. Liked and followed. Good stuff

  • Leroy Freeman

    Definitely all loved up on those Gloves, have used them previously at a Games day and loved them to bits.
    I have liked/followed on all Social Media and liked the article.

  • allan Richardson

    Liked in facebook

  • Tim Polkinghorne

    Liked in Facebook. The ‘Shut Up and Squat’ tee and also the ‘Man Up’ tee.

  • Carah cole


  • David Thomson

    Love the HSPU tshirt!!

  • Carah cole


  • Carah cole

    The ladies T’s are awesome!

  • Carah cole


  • Carah cole


  • Nic J

    The RTG Gloves | Elite Series for guys!

    They look epic! Sick of having freezing cold hands down in Tassie!

  • Tommy Kasper

    Gloves Are Sick! Liked On FB

  • Shaun L

    1. I want the gloves, especially with the cold winter mornings on the pull up bar
    2. Done
    3. Done
    4. Done
    5. Done
    6. Done

  • stu bolt

    the GLOVES!!!!!

  • Dave Winfindale

    Favourite item has to be the gloves, or the shut up and squat tee! Also liked on fb, followed on instagram, followed on g+.

  • Rupert

    Just followed on Instagram and GOogle plus and liked the article on FB….

  • Kim Romberg

    The RTG Gloves Elite Series (BLACK) MEN and the GrungeX Tee (BLACK) are my favvs…

  • Terri Pedregon

    The gloves! Liked on FB and article

  • Thomas White

    Sweet gear!

  • k-star

    it would definitely be their singlets and shirts! best material and colours! I’ve been waiting for them to get size small back in their “this is my handstand push up shirt” so i can buy it for my partner. I’ve also been wanting to try some of the gloves to see how they are with pull-ups etc

  • steve J

    After looking at the website I like the Gloves Elite Series in Black. They look like they can handle some tough workouts. I would like to try a pair.

  • Natasha

    My favorite is the WSH tank top!

  • steve J

    Liked on Face book

  • Natasha

    I like StrongerRx on FB!

  • steve J


  • Natasha

    I follow StrongerRx on Twitter! @wild4wednesdays

  • steve J

    Twitter and google +

  • Marc

    After browsing through the StrongerRx store i really like the This is My Handstand Push-Up Shirt! It Looks great and I like Handstand Push-ups.

  • Russ

    Definitely the gloves!

  • Russ

    liked and followed!

  • Jordan

    Liked article, followed on Instagram, liked StrongeRX facebook page. The gloves look great… I’ve had a lot more Bar Muscle-up workouts come up in my training lately, and they really shred the hands. The gloves look like a great way to maintain intensity without having to worry about bleeding hands!

  • Adam Rogers

    I want to try the gloves. Sick of tearing.

  • Adam Rogers

    Tweeted Check

  • Adam Rogers

    Liked their page playa!

  • Adam Rogers

    Liked the article

  • Adam Rogers

    Pinned it. Fingers Crossed.

  • Adam Rogers

    GPlused it. Please let me know if I won at

  • Wendy K

    Liked you on FB!

  • Matt

    Love the gloves! Liked on FB and followed on Twitter.

  • Shawn Smith

    nice gear!!!

  • John William Velez

    Love the gloves, tried my buddies’ pair, been wanting to get a pair….the gear would go awesome with my new OLY shoes

  • John William Velez

    Followed on all social media sites….hope I win!!!

  • Devorah Allen

    Liked on facebook

  • dennis coleman

    very cool looking gear …… gotta get me some gloves

  • Carlos Topete

    I’m in! Pick me!

  • Butles

    I’ll definitely hit a sub 3 minute fran in this gear… and look good doing it!

  • Erik

    Gloves would be sweet, hang onto the bar a little more :-)

  • Yankee Forty-Six

    Gloves give u a full grip n great grasp

  • Amanda Adams

    Shut up and Squat T-Shirt

  • Amanda Adams

    Googled Plused

  • Amanda Adams

    Pinned it but its not showing up. But I did it. Promise.

  • Amanda Adams

    Tweeted about it.

  • Amanda Adams


  • Amanda Adams

    Hey where is this company from. Never heard of them before?

  • Amanda Adams

    Need to win this please!!!!

  • Suzanne

    oooooh new workout gear for me would be AWESOME!! Always getting the kids new gear but never myself!! :)

  • Olly Bridge

    Oh new fear, yes please. I’ve liked it on Facebook, and I will post a review if I win the gear ;-) . Fingers crossed.

  • Jo-Ann Stuart

    I want to be ‘StrongerRx’ … liked on Facebook :)

  • Bev Childress

    Come on no whammies! Pick me so I can get one of your sweet tanks.

  • Simon Cooper

    Liked on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and liked the article!!

  • Simon Cooper

    I love the HSPU shirt! Would give me a lot more motivation to walk around on my hands in public haha also woud love the gloves to protect my delicate lady hands…

  • Carol Dry

    Would love to give this to my husband for his Birthday!

  • Brian

    I liked StrongerRX on facebook and followed on instagram

  • Thegwilty Rob

    Liked And Shared With FriendS All Of The Above. AndI Like The Wod Shorts Most.

  • SHMeyer

    I did all 6. Would love some new gear!

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  • James Ammon

    Would love to check out the men’s bundle!

  • Ashley Cox

    Liked on FB, followed on Twitter and Google+

  • Nicole Green

    Liked on Facebook and twitter

    Liked this article

    Fav Product: Weak stayed home tank

  • Ryan

    my favorite item is the “become stronger” flag shirt.
    like on the Book of Faces (Facebook), following on Instagram, Twitter and Google+, and liked this article.

  • Stephanie

    the flag tank is awesome! liked on FB, IG, Followed on Twitter and liked the article! :)

  • Jules Mac

    Awesome giveaway – Just followd and liked on FB and twitter.

  • Jules Mac

    I’d be keen on trying the Gloves as they are one of the first companies int he Crossfit market to sell them. I also get heaps of hand tears so it would be good to try them out. Thanks for the chance of winning them!!!

  • ian birdwell

    Followed on google+

  • ian birdwell

    Followed on instagram.

  • Alicia Anthony

    Steps 1-6 completed :)

  • Robert Bonser

    Love the WOD shorts and would be keen to get my hands on the gloves to see how they hold up!

  • Colleen Hourigan

    loving the AMRAP Queen tank

  • Ryan

    Love the GrungeX WOD Shorts!

  • Cup0Noodles

    Liked on FB!

  • Susie T

    Gloves gloves globes gloves gloves!!! Love gloves! WOuld definitely buy a pair of those even if i didn’t win!

  • Susie T

    Just liked and followed

  • Susie T

    and liked the article!

  • Nicole

    Love the StrongeRx women’s singlets!!! They look great!!!

    • Nicole

      and the women’s half finger gloves!!

  • jw

    Love the tanks, liked the article facebook and instagram.

  • Monica C.

    I just want one tank top plz! Pink, Pink! :)

  • Dan U

    Followed and liked on instagram!!!! Yeah!!

  • Dan U

    the shirt “weak stayed at home’ is pretty cool… but i’m happy to win whatever! Just after some cool clothes to trian in and not have to wear my crappy work gear at the gym!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Eddie

    I want it all

  • Silks

    The Flag Tank..become stronger

  • Jessica ‘Dent’ Steffan


  • Catriona Dudgeon

    Tank tops :)

  • kane hill

    there clothing looks awesome would love a few of there t-shirts and shorts but most of those gloves they look great for rope climes and bar work, if i got a pear of them it would be awesome :)

  • Jason King

    Simple yet elegant designs, bold colours, great selection of gear and GLOVES!

  • ian birdwell

    The shorts for sure! They look durable.

  • John Michael Bric

    This competition is now over. Click here ( to see if you were one of our four lucky winners. We reveal all the winners in our Weekly News Wrap Video!