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King Kong Bag 19Anybody that has been CrossFitting for a period of time, knows first hand how much equipment is required.

From weightlifting shoes, to minimal shoes, grips, speed ropes, tape, shorts, gloves, chalk, wraps, weight belt, lacrosse balls, foam rollers, compression clothing, protective socks, towels, grips, water bottles, protein, post workout meals and all the rest, means you’re often lugging around a whole shop worth of supplies.

With so much equipment to carry you need a bag that is going to suit your cause. Enter King Kong Apparel. King Kong Apparel is the brainchild of Australian CrossFitter, Stefan Gehrig who saw the need for a purpose built bag.

“Necessity is the mother of invention, and this was the driving force behind King Kong Apparel”, says founder Gehrig.

“Finding a gym bag with the right combination of pockets, shoe compartments and free space to fit all the required gear was impossible. You had to make compromises on what to bring, often finding that you didn’t have what you need. That’s how the King Kong Bag was born”.

King Kong Bag 110

Now in it’s second iteration, and made from an even heavier duty canvas construction, the King Kong Bag retails at $89.95 and comes in three colors – Black, Grey and Red.

At 20 inches long and 12 inches wide, it has a total of 5 pockets, a specifically designed dual shoe compartment, eyelets to ensure fresh air circulates through the bag, YKK Zippers, and a mobility pouch for storing lacrosse balls or any other pieces of equipment you require.

It truly is a bag that will suit any CrossFitters needs. Yet you don’t need to take our word for it, because over the next week we are giving 4 lucky readers a chance to win their very own King Kong Bag!

The competition is open to everyone around the world and we will be announcing the the 4 lucky winners in our weekly news video next week.

King Kong Bag 12

There are 4 ways you can enter the competition:

1. Simply tell us “What you would put in your King Kong Bag?”
2. “Like” King Kong Apparel on Facebook
3. Follow King Kong Apparel on Instagram
4. Like this article

If you answer the question, Like the article, and or Like/Follow King Kong Apparel on Facebook or Instagram tell us in a separate comment below. That way you could end up with 4 entries into the draw!

Good Luck!

** Update – This competition is now over. To find out if you are one of the lucky four winners, click here and watch our Weekly News Wrap Video. We reveal all four winning names in our 2-minute vid!

King Kong Bag 17King Kong Bag 14 King Kong Bag 18 King Kong Bag 15

Michael McCoy

Michael McCoy

Michael founded The Rx Review in 2011 after discovering there were no news and product review websites catering to CrossFitters. A contributing writer to the CrossFit Games and the CrossFit Community website, he is currently the 2013 Australian Regional Media Director and was the 2012 Head Writer for the Australian Regionals for CrossFit Inc.
Michael McCoy
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  • afto

    liked all and followed. Im heading to Italy next month for 10 days to compete in the World Master Games for Weightlifting and my current bag is falling apart so I could really use a new nice one like this to lug around all my WL gear. Thanks!

  • kolzwart

    Lo que puedo compartir en mi King Kong Bag? La ropa para el entreno, mi proteína , toalla para el baño, cambio de outfit, tenis Crossfit, Guantes para subir cuerda, magnesia, wraps, botella de agua, celular, llaves, cartera, sudadera, tablet, eso es lo que guardaría todos los días en my King kong Bag

  • jimbobv2

    I’d put all my CF stuff in there.

  • Jonathan Shum

    Nanos, Olys, Belt, Wrist wraps, etc etc all my CF gear =)

  • Chung Tang

    I would keep my oly shoes, minimal shoes, wrist wraps, jump ropes, gloves, tape, knee sleeves, compression sleeves, towel, and lax ball in the bag all the time!

  • Mike Lyons

    Oly shoes, inov8 flats, Rogue Belt, Dip Chain, Chalk, Protein, Jump Rope, Wraps, Headphones/ipod shuffle, flip flops, shower kit, scrubs to rush off to work after a beat down.

  • Mike Lyons

    Liked all 4 and following on Instagram!

  • Nickolaus

    Shaker Bottle, Speed Rope, Rouge Wrist Wraps, NIke Oly Shoes, MX20 Shoes, Compression Socks, Regular Socks, Protein Powder, Suppliments, Phone, Headphones, iPod, Charger Cables, Athletic Tape, Lacrosse Ball, Notepad & Pen.

  • Matt Shaffer

    Rope, wrist wraps, knee wraps, belt, 2 pairs of shoes, goggle and cap (swimmer, too) flip flops, deoderant. Did 3 of the 4 as I’m not on Instagram.

  • Rich Meesters

    RX Jump Rope, Reebok Lifters, Reebok Nanos, Towels, spare shirt, Rogue wraps, water bottle, energy bars, sports tape, spider tech X spiders and all my wife’s stuff too :)

  • Héctor Belmares

    I’d probably wear some of my stuff so that I could fit my 2 year old Beagle cuz he gets scared of cars and can’t cross the street.

  • Chris Brown

    nanos, vibrams, spealler speed rope, rogue wrist wraps, rogue monster bands, lacrosse balls, cheap roller, tape, gloves, rock tape, chalk, rogue belt, iPod, headphones, protein, shaker, water, WOD book, supple leopard, extra rogue shirts, and shower stuff for lunch WODs :)

  • Héctor Belmares

    Did all except the Instagramming since I don’t have it.

  • Christian Aguirre

    This would definitely help for competition! I would max this bag out with all the stuff it has to store. I wear Vans for CrossFit and reebok Olys for lifting, so I would fill all the pockets with shoes. Got home made lacrosse balls and bands to fill those pockets for competitions. Put extra clothes to look good, feel good and perform good. Protein, shakers, ropes, socks, belts and more. I probably could fit my dog whose name is Kettlebell in with all the stuff! If I win I’d send you a picture of her in it!

  • Rich Meesters

    Answered the question, liked the article, and liked the King Kong facebook page!!

  • Rudy Rodriguez

    I would carry all my gear for every sport I compete in, instead of having multiple bags for different days.

  • Eric

    It would be awesome to have a bag that I can fit my Oly’s, Nano’s, Rx Rope, rollers, lacrosse balls, wrist wraps etc..

  • Brenton Cooper

    My 3 pairs of shoes I carry, rock tape, speed rope, water bottle, protein shaker, knee sleeves, towel, gloves, gym boss timer, g shock watch, foam roller , softballs, baseball and tape! Probably more stuff as this bag is HUuuuge!!!

  • Clint Fogie

    “liked” KKA on fb and followed on instagram

  • Clint Fogie

    I would put everything in this bag. Except for the kitchen sink. The only reason I wouldn’t is because I wouldn’t wanna mess up the bag. ;)

  • Mitch

    Olys, Inov-8s, Supplements, wrist wraps, belt, lifting straps, shin skins, tape, clothes, lacrosse ball (& peanut), phone, wallet, water bottle, blender bottles, Pen and notepad, jump rope

  • Philip

    Sweet! Exactly what I’ve been looking for! This would be a great coach’s bag. I would need a change of clothes and a post wod/between coaching classes snack, lifting shoes, a couple of jump ropes, rollers(foam and stick), hand grips, knee wraps, ab mat, agility cones, stop watch, towel, my favorite action figure(BTAS!) and, of course, some spare deodorant.

  • Jacki

    Liked on Facebook

  • Jacki

    I’d have shoes, tape, speed rope, water bottle (or two), towel, change of clothes, gym boss, foam roller, lacrosse ball, wod book, snacks, and yoga mat (if it fit). Could probably fit my son in there :)

  • Alan Nolasco

    Rogue Speedrope, Adidas Adipower, 2 shakers, protein, preworkout, Modern BCAAS, nike weightlifting belt,a pair of Brooks pure connect, Muller tape (several rolls), KT tape, shorts long socks,workout tshirt,a clean tshirt (after wod) Rogue Wristwraps and a magnesium cube. My bag is so old and i need a new one that can hold all the rough treatment from everyday workout.

  • Tony V

    I’d have my rope, wrist wraps, tape, knee sleeves, shin sleeves, oly shoes, converse, long socks, change of underwear (for a possible scary surprise during a wod), rock tape, water bottle, protein powder, shaker, callous shaver, fish oil, towel, and my wod book.


  • ryan

    Liked on facebook. I’d put the stuff I currently have stowed across 3 bags in my trunk. Chucks/Inov8s/Do-Wins/Tape/BCAAs/Wraps/Change of clothes/Rope/Grips/Rock-Tape/Lacross Balls/Supple Leopard Bible/Beef Jerky

  • Danielle M

    Did all 4! I would put my belt, lifting shoes, socks, more socks, change of clothes, hair bands, notebook, water and more water, phone and Legos to keep my boys busy!

  • Layken Cole

    I would put my jump rope, wrist wraps, knees sleeves, gloves, nanos, recovery supplements, shaker bottle, water bottle, first aid, and extra clothes in mine!!

  • Dean

    So necessary! 4xPairs of shoes (oly lifting, Nano’s, minimus and 5 fingers), speed rope, small spikey roller, 2 lacross balls, wrist straps, knee sleeves, weightlifting belt, taping’s, amenities (gotta smell good), extra clothing, towel, BCAA’s, shaker, water bottle, post-workout FEED (nom!), wod/strength book, chalk, sports/stop watch, headphones, Mp3, shin sleeves (feel the burn) and sunglasses! Love the KONG, RAWR!

  • Jacqueline Hedditch

    Liked on facebook, liked the article and followed on instagram :)

    As a new crossfitter this would be WAY better than my current gym bag. At my old gym I only needed a water bottle and maybe a change of clothes. Now I’m collecting things like my own speedrope, wod book and oly shoes. But the best thing by far would have to be all the small pockets so I can put my chalk in one of those separate from the rest of my stuff. I had a chalk disaster last week and ended up with chalk all through my bag and all over my stuff! In fact – after I finished cleaning the mess I jumped on the net looking for a new gym bag and found the King Kong bag which went STRAIGHT to the top of my list! I need this bag!

  • BballConditioning

    All 4 done! I would put my basketball gear in it, sneaks, bball, gumshield, Under Armour gear, shorts and jersey or put my gym kit in it, inov8s, oly shoes, shake, Sigg water bottle, straps, wraps, skipping rope and iPod for some beats! Hell what couldn’t I put in it!?

  • Wayne

    My wife and I attend our wods together, so we usually share 1 bag.
    But I would need to put in another set for both of us. But my bag consists of 2 each of oly shoes, jump rope, wrist wraps, tape, towels, headbands, knee sleeves, water bottles.

  • Steven J.

    Liked on Facebook

  • Steven J.

    As a student still in college and working full time, this King Kong bag will be perfect to fit all my crossfit gear such as weightlifting shoes, belt, workout clothing, and even my protein w/ food. Not only that,I will be able to fit my change of clothing to go straight to class after the gym. This bag is big and will do the job to fit almost anything I want in it.

  • Steven J.

    Liked on google

  • Steven J.

    Liked on Instagram

  • Tina E

    One bag to hold my all important oly’s, roller, strapping, belt and still have room left over for my mobile, change of clothes and sweat towel. I need one! No, I must have one!

  • Ginger

    Where to start? Running shoes, Oly lifters, Nanos, jumprope, water bottle, vitamin mix, towel, socks (extra ones), sweatbands, wristwraps, tissues, inhaler, need I say more? I MUST HAVE ONE!!!

  • Matt

    Liked x2 and followed on Instagram. I’d put a bag of concrete in there so I can harden up during WODs

  • Lachlan Rowston

    In my KK bag probably, 15-16 undersized shirts, 2-3 pairs of custom non-matching limited edition nano 3.0′s, super light weight ultra cable tripple under rope, 9 different colours of rocktape and maybe a water bottle.

  • Pete Rohde

    Liked on FB and I’d fill it with the stuff I need that doesn’t fit in my regular box going bag that I have to carry!!

  • Shaun L

    Liked on Facebook
    Followed on Instagram
    Liked the Article
    Really want this bag to organize my skipping rope, ab mat, hand grips, wrist wraps, barefoot shoes, running shoes, socks, shorts, tees, compression gear, beanie, jumper, towel, water, pre workout drink, post workout drink, strapping tape, blister tape, scissors, mobile phone, car keys etc….

  • Leroy Jamez

    Wow, where do I start.
    Nano’s, Olys, Shorts, Shirts, Rocktape, Lacrosse balls, roller, and my rope.
    Instead of a new bag every month.

  • JenisFit

    Liked King Kong Apparel on facebook!

  • JenisFit

    I’ve liked the article above :)

  • JenisFit

    Added them on Instagram!

  • JenisFit

    I would bring my foam roller and the rest of my girly things. These King Kong Bags look amazing. Great work KKBs! PS I’m leave a separate comment for each thing I did. (So really I’m one of the few that followed the directions. So that has to give me a heads up right…? LOL.

  • John Quidgley

    Foam roller, Oly shoes, sweet potatoes, progenex, wraps, belt, fish oil, bio freeze, my sons bottles and diapers so I could leave him at daycare at our box and do my thing!!

  • Nick Slabaugh

    I’ve had my eye on one of these for over a year now, but the wife wouldn’t let me pull the trigger. :-) I’d fill that monster up with my Olys, Nano 2.0s, clothes, lacrosse ball(s), RockTape, Toast topical analgesic, Rogue Rx Jump Rope, water bottle, and last but certainly not least – my post-wod KILL CLIFF!!!!!!!

  • Nick Slabaugh

    question answered, KingKong followed on FB & Instagram, article shared!!!

  • Jet Basada

    I’d love to own one of these bad boys. My normal gym bag just can’t handle it anymore. I’ll put in it my nanos, olys, foam roller, wraps, speed rope, resistance bands, lacrosse ball, tapes, shakers, towels and spare t-shirts..

  • Kiara Margison

    This would be so handy, its the last thing that I need to make my crossfit journey just that little bit easier! It would save my nanos flying around in the back seat and my tapes and grips hiding under my seat in the car :)

  • Sunami

    I would carry all my strongman extras, sleeves, oly shoes and vibrams, protein shaker, mobility stuff….and I have followed on twitter, instagram and facebook….NEED THIS BAG for Nationals!

  • Drew McKenna

    Give my busted old back pack and rest and carry my food. Oh, and my gym gear. Oly shoes, belts, ropes, long sock, spare strides, wraps

  • JJ

    I would really like a red one to match my car and skipping rope – so important! then I would fill it with my shoes, long socks, wrist wraps, skipping rope, water bottle, blue dinosaur paleo bar, stop watch, tape, roller, rumble roller, lacrosse ball, jumper, pawpaw cream (for those nasty rashes), can’t believe how much stuff I got – shall I keep going – get the idea? – I have lots of stuff – and I’m getting older which means I lose stuff, so need one place to keep it all. A lovely big bag with lots of pockets would generally reduce family stress!

  • Dave Winfindale

    Liked King Kong, followed on instagram, liked the article, and I’d use this bag to ferry my ever growing number of CrossFit essentials! Nano’s, wrist straps, knee wraps, speed rope, spare tees, shaker bottle.

  • JJ

    Liked this article!

  • JJ

    liked king Kong on FB!

  • JJ

    following kingkongapparel on instagram
    All jobs done now sit back with fingers crossed!

  • Mary

    My coach has this bag. I could keep ALL my WOD gear in this baby! Oly shoes, ropes, grips, clothes, wraps, collars, KillCliff……

  • MHague

    I’d keep my life in it.

  • Daniel

    All of the above plus Hand-e-balm and Fixomull! Liked on FB, followed on instagram and article liked also!

  • Jocelyn Griffiths

    Love love love this, I’m a crossfit athlete and the mumma at the box and this would hold all the things I need to have on hand, first aid, drinks and protein and rock tape, spare socks clothes etc etc etc I would love to win one – pick me pick me Joc

  • cave001

    Concrete and a spoon.

    • Corey Blakemore

      Spoons are not paleo

  • Simon

    Finally a bag that can fit all I need without being 3 feet long. Wraps, Oly shoes, nano’s, speed ropes, drinks and post workout meal can all come in a compact package now

  • Benjamin Tan

    i liked it on facebook, and on instagram. pretty much will keep all my normal workout gear (olys, nano2, ropes, couple of bottles, wraps, lotsa clothes (pretty humid in brunei, you will get drenched after 1 workout), and other accessories and medical supplies. i do travel weekly to the capital (about 100km) so i can bring my weekend clothes up too. do hope i win it!!! recycle bags dont cut it no more!

    • Guest

      Hey Benjamin remember to leave us a separate comment for each action. Right now you have 3 actions but only one entry

  • IronMichelle

    Liked the article

  • IronMichelle

    Instagram followed. Slam!

  • IronMichelle

    Liked on Facebook. Boom!

  • IronMichelle

    I would love to be able bring my Nano’s and Oly shoes in one bag! Never heard of King Kong bags before but looks like they made it perfect for CrossFitters like me

  • TJ

    Wanting one of these for a while. I’d load it up with my Olys, wrist wraps, jump rope, shaker bottle, tape, etc.

  • TJ

    Liked the article, liked King Kong on FB, and answered the question.

  • TJ

    Followed on Instagram.

  • TJ

    Liked the article.

  • TJ

    Liked King Kong Apparel on FB.

  • Corey Blakemore

    Liked King Kong on FB

  • Corey Blakemore

    Following on Instagram

  • Corey Blakemore

    Liked the article.

  • Corey Blakemore

    5 pockets, that’s a lot of room… I would fill those 5 pockets with Bacon, It would save me storing it in my Nano’s and knee highs. Then I would fill the main compartment up with Kool-Aid. Everything necessary to convert the masses. DRINK THE KOOL AID

    • Corey Blakemore


  • Benjamin Tan

    i liked the article

  • Benjamin Tan

    i followed also on instagram via the same user name

  • Benjamin Tan

    i followed on instagram under ben10tan

  • Matt Rogers

    I would put a Viper Fitness CrossFit Starter Package into the King Kong bag.

    • Matt Rogers

      Liked this article

      • Matt Rogers

        Liked King Kong on facebook

  • Luke Haynes

    Liked on Facebook !!!

  • Luke Haynes

    I would store all the usuall gear required for crossfit eg. Shoes, rope, drink bottle, towels etc but with a bag that big I’m sure I could find a way to smuggle my nespresso in for a pre WOD caffeine boost !!!!!!

  • Luke Haynes

    Followed on Instagram !!!

  • Adam Andrews

    Liked their Facebook

  • Adam Andrews

    Wow these look radical! I was just saying to our members the other day someone needs to make a bag for CrossFitters. We carry so much shit with us this is perfect. Glad I found this. I dont care if I win, (yes I want to) but I’m purchasing three!

  • Adam Andrews

    Dont have instagram so cant do that.

  • Adam Andrews

    I also goggle + it.

  • Adam Andrews

    I did pinit if that helps

  • Paul Cividin

    Liked it on Facebook, the article, followed on instagram and i need the bag to keep my oly shoes, knees wraps, tiger balm & mobility gear!

  • Hayden

    I’ve liked King Kong on Instagram (haydos4) and Facebook. If I had a King Kong bag I would fill it with all the usual crossfit things, but I would dedicate one of the pockets to hand tears, keeping a pair of clippers in there and storing the clipped off skin (gross i know, but it’s a way of measuring how hardcore I am).

  • Jake Moir

    Liked the Article, liked King Kong (Jake Moir) and followed them on instagram (jakkkem) ! I’d use the bag to clean up the boot of my car! I’d keep my OLY’s, my vibrams and my nano’s in there along with my straps, tape, deep heat, rope, water bottles, training clothes and bands! Ultimate accessory!

  • Oliver

    This bag would my life definitely easier and i could put my Nanos, speed rope, compression socks, rock tape, towel, protein shaker, water bottle, wrist bands, a meal or two, lifting shoes and my mobile and wallet plus my lacrosse ball and foam roller into it.

  • elisa romaniello

    i would put my oly’s, reebok sneakers, goat tape, climb on hand repair and lip balm , water bottles, towel, extra clothes, wallet, iphone, hair ties, firstaid kit, rx rope, gloves and my xfit wod log book in this bag!!

  • Firas M

    My answer will be a bit boring but i would just have more space and can now take my racer to work without having to bloody gymbags on my back. I need space for a rain coat in case it rains, gym clothes, oly shoes, regular shoes, gloves, tape, and sometimes paper for work (if i did work at home).

    One bag instead of two makes alot of difference when biking 13km everyday (work-box-home)

  • Jillian Hudson

    Liked on Facebook and followed on Instagram :)
    Need this bag.. FACT!

  • shannan

    Liked the Article, liked King Kong and followed on instagram! i would put my oly’s, nano’s, rock tape, protein powder , water bottles, towel, extra clothes, wallet, galaxy S4, firstaid kit, rx rope, wrist wraps and log book in this kick ass bag.

  • Nick Corkhill

    OLY Shoes, Nanos, Socks, Spare Socks, Jocks, Boardies, Tshirt, Towel, Chalk, Callous scraper, Dry Hands, Rope, Spare rope, Change, water, BCAA powder, Shakers, WOD Diary, Tape, Bandaids, Lifting Belt, Pen, more socks, beanie, cap, oh and a cup of concrete.

  • RT

    Oly Shoes, INov-8s, tape, rope, shakers, protein, recovery, bcaa, diary, pen, water, purse, wrist wraps, grips, phone, hair grips, snacks and extra clothes :)

  • Kelly Sussman

    Liked the article, liked on Facebook. I would exchange this bag for my ratty bag that I got at the local thrift shop. While the bag I currently have is cute (polka dots) it is nowhere as functional as the King Kong bags are. There is only one pocket in my current bag and all of my workout gear gets jumbled around when I travel. I have to pull everything out just to find tape. Not to mention that my bag is overflowing as it is with 2 pairs of shoes, roller, jump rope, tape, hand balm, caulk, wrist wraps… You know the typical crossfit gear. A new King Kong bag would make my life simpler and would allow me to focus more time on WODing!

  • Todd Martinak

    Nanos, lifting shoes, lacrosse ball, wrist wraps, lifting belt, shorts, couple shirts, socks, extra pair of long socks, water bottle, speed rope, work clothes, deodorant, shaker bottle, protein, fish oil, ipad, iphone, towel, ….and beer! Winter – sweatshirt, pants, boggin, etc.

  • Todd Martinak

    Following on instagram and liked on facebook!

  • Sam Atchison

    Liked on Instagram and Facebook. I would put my Nanos, Olys, lacrosse ball, wrist wraps, grips, lifting belt, change of clothes, socks, water bottle, speed rope, work clothes, deodorant, shower stuff, shaker bottle, protein, Spark, and a towel.

  • progress126

    I would keep everything but the kitchen sink…only because my box (Stroud CrossFit!) has it’s own sink so I wouldn’t need to bring my own!

  • amandaratliff

    Lifting shoes, wraps, jump rope, grips, first aid kit! Liked on fb and instagram

  • Connor S.

    I would only keep just about my whole life in this bag! My nanos, lifting shoes, wrist wraps, tape, chalk, lifting belt, extra shirt and socks, water bottle, shaker bottle and protein, bar of soap, lacrosse ball, towel, and log book! Then probably some sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt in the winter.

  • Alex Fernandez

    CrossFit Nano 2 shoes, wrist wraps, gymnastic grips, lifting straps, foam roller, tape, jump ropes, gymnastic rings, chalk, extra clothes, protein with shaker, snacks and water

  • Saresy Grounds

    This bag is much coveted by my partner who would not only keep his training gear in it but various items for our toddler and infant who help (or is it hinder?!) run our box. There’d be food & supps, drinks & towels, programming & client info, training records & athlete profiles…I’m sure there’d be a pic of Chad in there too ;)
    This bag would help ME as the man is notorious for losing things from spoons to ropes…please help him get organized & keep his stuff in one spot!!!! Liked & followed thank you x

  • michael cueva

    All my future PRs will live in the bag until they are unleashed.

  • Edgar Garcia Rosas

    What you would put in your King Kong Bag?
    To begin I will put:
    KT tapes
    RX jump ropes
    Sweet potatoes ready to eat
    Bacon ready to eat
    2 Extra meals
    Nano 2.0 shoes
    Five fingers shoes
    Work clothes
    Couple of crossfit WOD thirsts
    Weight vest
    First aid kit
    Bottle of coconut water
    Bottle of water
    Wrist wraps
    Lacrosse balls
    Small and Large towels
    Compression Gear
    Foam roller
    Tooth paste and the brush
    Extra pair of short and long socks
    Crossfit gloves

    But I am pretty sure that I can smuggle more things!

  • FamLivingSimple

    LIked on Facebook

  • FamLivingSimple

    Liked the article.

  • FamLivingSimple

    Followed on Instagram.

  • FamLivingSimple

    I would put all my gym and after gym crap in it. I use two bags right now and its so unorganized.

  • Chad Cumming

    After liking on Facebook and Instagram, here is the list of what I would put into my King Kong Bag:

    Lots of shoes (WOD, Oly, flip flops – More than my teenage daughter and wife combined, it seems);
    My jump rope;
    Water bottles;
    Fruit for pre-workout snacks;
    Recovery supplement;
    Suit hanger, because I hit the Box right after I leave the office;
    Shorts & shirt for the workout;Wrist and knee wraps, because I’m getting freaking old and I sometimes need them;
    iPad, so my son has something to play with until I finish and he gets a turn to play;
    Dog treats (I don’t have a dog, but there’s always a dog somewhere around a CrossFit Box, and you might as well have it like you);
    Athletic tape, because I’m a delicate flower that needs tending sometimes;
    Foam roller and lacrosse balls;
    Clean shirt for post-workout (Because I smell bad afterwards, Seriously. It’s bad. I mean, damn!);
    Related to the foregoing, having a spot in my bag to place my befouled clothes would be an excellent feature!;

    bug spray and sunscreen;
    in cold weather, a hoodie and some sweat pants; and
    finally, a sherpa or a pack mule who can help me carry the damned thing once it’s full!

  • Dan

    I liked on the article, Facebook page and Instagram!

  • Jase

    Liked on FB
    In my bag I would put:
    Skipping ropes, Oly shoes, work shoes, lunch for the day, mobility balls, small roller, rocktape, first aid kit, spare gym clothes, long socks, training diary, wallet, keys, pull-up grips, gloves, drink bottles, BCAA, protein powder, creatine, Suit bag for work – go to work straight after, dirty washing bag, flip flops, Adidas shower wash, towel, more shirts for my second job, Abmat, stash of almonds, breakfast, apples, paw paw cream, stretch bands, mobile phone, epad, wrist straps, lifting straps, work security pass, deoderant, inhaler, sunglasses, work keys, jumpers and much much more!

  • Mandy Kinzett

    My whole life would go in this bag. As an affiliate owner, my life IS CrossFit and I need all my equipment with me every day!!

  • Dan

    I’m basically a hoarder and this bag would make my crossfit gym visits much more efficient… I’m always running back and forth from the gym to my bag trying to find crap and change shoes while at the box. I’d have all the normal stuff packed in along with some new additions…my ankle brace, cooling towel! Bag looks sweet….

  • WinningCharlie

    And me liked the article

  • WinningCharlie

    Following Instagram

  • WinningCharlie

    I liked King Kong FB

  • WinningCharlie

    I would bring my white powder. Umm chalk that is…

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  • kstar

    there is no other bag that can compare! it has the perfect amount of space to fit all your crossfit gear. My collection is slowly starting to grow, and as a result has outgrown my old bag and I am in desperate need of a new one. Therefore, my bag would include, two pairs of wrist wraps, 2 pairs of hand grips, rock tape, trigger point ball, water bottles, shakers, RPM rope, towel, strength wraps, nano’s, spare shirts, socks (long and short), shin skins … the list could go on forever!

  • DDiss

    Liked on FB

  • Shannan

    As a total gear whore, this bag would make my CrossFit life complete and I would not be stuck digging at the bottom on my backpack looking for essential gear. I particularly love that it houses more than one pair of shoes since depending on the combination of the day’s workouts I often need more than one pair. My King Kong bag would end up housing the following:

    Nike Volt Romaleo 2, Reebok Olys, Flip Flops, Clothes & Socks, Speed Rope, Heavy Rope, Numerous Lacrosse Balls, Voodoo Floss (pure magic!), Wrist Wraps, Shin Skins
    Gymnastics Grips, Knee Sleeves, Tape, Shaker, Water Bottle, post-workout Protein, iPad, Phone, Wallet, Keys, Beauty Supplies (make-up, hairbrush, flat iron, shampoo & conditioner) and my CrossFit journal

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  • Ross

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  • Ross

    All my BJJ and Martial Arts gear so I can get the Kong brand throughout the Martial Arts world!

  • Ross

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  • James Cavallo

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  • James Cavallo

    Spare pair of shoes, rx rope, water bottle, protein shake, tape, shin skins and a banana

  • Emily Cooper

    My Car boot!! If i can get all the Crossfit paraphernalia from my boot in that bag I’d be impressed.. #challengeaccepted :)

  • David G

    Liked on FB + followed on Instagram.

    I’d put my two speed ropes, PVC pipe muscle roller, Olys, Nanos, towel, shaker, water bottle. Maybe a change of clothes too!

  • Chastity Rains Baker

    Done I would put my cf stuff in it.

  • Jeremy Rosen

    Liked on facebook + Instagram. I don’t currently have a bag for all my gear so it’s scattered on my front seat and I just grab what I need for the WOD that day. It’d be great to get my shoes, apparel, nutrition and shaker as well as tape and, of course, band-aids. Gotta take care of those box jump accidents. Please pick me!

  • Jeremy Rosen

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  • Jeremy Rosen

    Liked the article too.

  • nathan bridger

    liked on FB and following on instagram.

    I put all my gear that’s currently across 3 bags into that bag.

  • harrison

    Liked on facebook, instagram. I’d put my inov8′s my lifting shoes, my rope, a change of clothes also I’m a university student and my current bag can’t fit all of that in + my work so this bag is in desperate need. Cheers!

  • Gracie

    Liked King Kong Apparel on fb & liked the article.

    I’d use it to carry my 2 speed ropes, olys, Inov-8′s, roller, lacrosse ball, wrist wraps, tape, callus remover, log book, lulu headbands, water bottle, rehband knee sleeves, my rings, ipod, ipad, cell phone, change of clothes, snacks….basically I live out of my gym bag.

  • Chris Katechis

    Nanos, Olympic lifters, voodoo floss band, extra shirt/shorts/underwear,socks, long socks for rope climbs, speed rope, 1 inch tape, 2-inch tape, gause, pull-up grips, wrist wraps, jump stretch band, mobility ball, more tape, petty cash, protein powder, BCAA powder, chalk, extra speed rope rope, small snack (larabar/jerky/etc.)

  • SarahH

    done,done and doing! I would put everything from shoes and spare clothes to fish oil and daily essentials. as well as a little treat for the harder training days ;)

  • Francesca L-g

    I would put my oly shoes, runners, jaw grips, protein, aminos, cans tuna, some almonds, long socks, headband, shaker, water bottle, red spikey massage ball, two speed roped, oly straps, workout diary, pen, rock tape, trackies, jumper, phone, wallet, keys, spare jocks and scks, and spare t-shirt and shorts… Just n case I feel like training at random!

    Liked on Instagram and Facebook!

  • Simon Cooper

    Liked on FB and Instagram!
    I would out my oly lifting shoes, vibrams, jump rope, grips, wrist straps, spare socks and jocks, spare shorts, compression tights, jumper, lacrosse ball, compression/ power band, shaker, protein, ipod and phone, pen, wallet and snacks (nuts, muesli etc)!!

  • Robin

    What’s not to put in this bag?…ALL my workout gear including my journal. Food for the journey. A potential change of workout clothing depending on the day’s WOD. iPod, wraps, coconut water, protein powder… Just about everything a girl could want

  • lisa wallis

    Liked on FB and insta….OMG where do I start!! the bag looks awesome!! it would sort out all my carrying prob’s. Oly’s, Nano’s, robe climbing socks, Jaw wraps, weightlifting belt, gloves, rock tape, Reebok shorts, tops, jumpers, goggles, cap, swimming cap, protein powder and shaker, food snacks, iPod, dencorub, skipping rope, stretch band and ball. headband, water bottle, sweat towel & band-aids! cheers…

  • Lynnie

    I have liked King Kong apparel on Facebook. I would put every crossfit item I own in this bag. I would even put my partners stuff in there just to bulk it up.

  • Tim

    Start with the most important, AdiPower lifters, Reebok Nanos, Shorts, Socks, Wraps, Tshirt, Shaker, Protein powder, Bait Box, Rx Rope, my Peanut, Foam Roller, Hockey Ball, Wrist Wraps, Kineseo Tape.. Work stuff after changing.

  • Trav

    liked on FB, What would i put in the King Kong bag = stuff to help make me a greater Crossfitter + work stuff for after + protein + other not necessarily required bits + a kitchen sink and anything else that im sure it would still fit.

  • Ken

    Liked on FB. Followed on FB.

    I would put into the bag all of the items I currently carry into the box. The difference being I wouldn’t need to hand carry in half my stuff. Shoes; rope; wraps; water bottle; towel. It would all fit into a single bag. The bag won’t change my life. My goals won’t change. It won’t increase my snatch. I won’t be able to perform a strict muscle up. It will make walking out the door to work every day, into and out of class at lunch, and then back into the house a bit easier. That and my iPod Shuffle would stop getting lost in my stuff.

  • Gwen

    If I had this super bag, I would pack it with all the stuff that current bulges out of my backpack: my Reebok CrossFit Oly shoes, Innov-8′s, wod book and pen, water bottle, bcaa caps, Rx jump rope, hockey tape, post-wod meal, extra pair of long socks and short socks, panty liners (for those brutal skipping and running wods), giant bandaids, lulu headband, bobby pins, mobile phone and car keys. Wow, until now I hadn’t quite realized why my backpack is about to die…

  • Tobi

    I’d be happy to finally separate my workout-clothes from my post-workout-clothes. And not to get eveything covered in protein powder and chalk would be a nice bonus. =)

    // liked on FB & IG

  • Naomi Komisarjevsky

    Liked on Facebook. Follow on Instagram. Like article. The King Kong bag would make life so much easier. I use a gym bag but it doesn’t fit everything I need: Reebok Nanos,wrist wraps, collars, extra socks, tape, water bottles, shakers, protein, inhaler, first aid kit, gym clothes and work clothes, towel, grips, mobility gear, post-workout food, etc. I’m usually having to lug my gym bag and juggle extra stuff. I also LOVE the organization aspect of the King Kong bag! I’m a neat freak and so it can get annoying not having pockets for easy access.

  • Nicole

    now Following On Instagram And LiKed Article. :) Need ME One Of Those Grey OneS!

  • Jennifer Hudy

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  • Jennifer Hudy

    I would put my shoes, extra clothes (so sweaty after WODs!), bandaids, lax ball, tape, scissors, nail clippers, preparation H, jump rope, wrist wraps, protein!

  • Stephanie Hayes

    Ok, I liked the FB, followed the instagram, liked the article and telling here what I would put in my new bag… EVERYTHING! My oly shoes, my inov8s, my nanos, my rope, wrist wraps, a crap ton of tape, extra socks, gloves, blender bottle, post workout snacks, lacrosse ball, headbands, towels, and maybe the kitchen sink!

  • Fiona Alford

    Wow! This bag would be such a God send, the bag I’m using now is so small everything falls to the bottom so to find something, have to empty it, biggest pain in the *ss! Lol!!
    I would have my Reebok training shoes, skip rope, towel, water, WOD journal, tape, post WOD snack, extra socks , headband, hairband. Bag looks amazing!!

  • Josh Brown

    i would put all my crossfit gear in :) – rope, straps, belt, shake. This bag has so many compartments so id easily be able to fit them all in :)

  • Josh Brown

    liked on facebook and instagram and commented too :)

  • cablebfg

    I usually have to jump from the box to work or somewhere else. (Don’t worry, I use stuff like Action Wipes after!). So, a change of clothing is usually required, along with storing all my crap. I am pretty minimalist when it comes to what I bring, but shorts, shirt, shoes, and socks are the basics with some wrist wraps, a spare rope, and a trusty wrist band for when I sweat. I started packing a water bottle filled with an electrolyte tablet and some hand sanitizer in case I start to bleed at any point. All of these are bare essentials, and I could fit a lot more in a King Kong bag!

  • cablebfg

    Oh, and I did all three things!

  • Cory Heimark

    Liked on fb, followed on instagram, liked this article and now posting the ends all of everything I would put in this bag. I always seem like I end up needing a different bag, I have several gym bags, but none really fit the bill for me as a crossfitter. If I wasn’t wearing my nanos, they’d be in the bag, the bag would hold my army uniform when I changed in to my workout clothes and was heading to do my WODs. Tape, bands, rocksauce, chalk, speed rope, wrist wraps, snack, water, lifting belt, sometimes collars, chains. toiletries, phone, keys and wallet while I was working out. You name it I could put it all in there and not have to need an additional bag. It’s the King Kong after all, it can hold it all. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • Andrea Rogers

    I’m in love with this King Kong Bag! I really need one as the beginning of my crossfit lifestyle is taking off. My goal is to compete in the crossfit games open next year and head to regionals! In just two short months I have made serious gains and cut over 20lbs in fat. Plus being in the military I have many ties to athletes and would promote this product like no other! I want to tell you what would go inside my bag. Chalk, nano 3.0s, new balance minimus’, rogue fitness speed rope, reebok weighted jump rope, wrist straps, rolls of tape, homemade tape hand grips, knee socks, towel, Nalgene bottle x 2, shaker bottle, C4 extreme preworkout- pink lemonade

  • Heather Lui

    I love this bag! I would put my oly shoes, crossfit nano 2.0s, and my minimal type climbing shoes from inov. Also, knesio tape, water bottle, protein powder, bcaa, glutamine, and bcaa amino energy. Also, green tea packets, and essential oils. :)

  • Heather Lui

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    All of my many pairs of crossfit shoes

  • Jac M

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  • Sharon Capriotti

    I need this bag!!! More like, what wouldn’t I put in there! My oly lifters, my rx jump rope, my jaw handgrips, tape, spare knee socks, wrist wraps, water, paleo snacks, training journal….. Ps and liked on fb.

  • Saffire032

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  • Saffire032

    What would I put in this bag you ask? All my workout gear: a change of clothing, my iPod, wraps, tape, gloves, a towel, and stuff to take a shower since I workout in the middle of the day and then go back to work. It sure would make like easier for me!

  • Sean

    The better question would be what WOULDN’T I put in this bag?? Crossfit gear for the WOD, compression socks, Inov-8′s, strength wraps, tape, mobility roller, voodoo floss band, lacross ball, stretch band, water, knee sleeve, towel and gear to change into after I’ve sweat through the WOD.

  • JD

    When CrossFitting, I often realize I have excessive amounts of love for my community and their betterment, humbleness at the depth of others athleticism, and willingness to return to seek the next PB/PR! Of course I have a list of equipment to put in my bag and this clearly fits the bill to keep clothes to change into, protein to ingest afterwod, mobility equipment to stay supple, and so much more, but what truly separates CrossFit from other activities are the abstract items.
    The list of these abstract qualities SHOULD be in your King Kong apparel bag and should be alongside you for every visit to new boxes and your home one. I would insure when my King Kong bag was unzipped, there was more added to the community than just some cool swag.

  • Christie Putnam

    What would I put in this? It’s basically a running joke at our box that I need a gym bag because I use everyone else’s. A few months ago I put my wedding ring in my husbands coat pocket (without telling him), and then spent a full half hour making other crossfitters search the parking lot for it because he claimed it wasn’t in the pocket anymore (it was..just stuck down in the seam). I lose my lifting gloves about every other day there, have left flip flops, protein, kinesiotape among many, many other things. :) That bag would be amazing!

  • Daniel J

    What can I not put in a King Kong Bag? By the look of the size alone it looks like I can fit almost anything I want. As a full time student and a full time worker I would have not only all my crossfit gear, but I bet I can fit my school gear also. It will be neat to get this bag and not have to use plastic bags anymore. HOOK IT UP!

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  • Hanna

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  • Hanna

    Oly shoes, long socks for rope climbs, tape, chalk, skipping rope, water bottle, protein shake/powder, change of clothes, wallet/phone/keys.

  • jerry summers

    looks like the whole kitchen sink

  • Craig Sifers

    Slowly replace everything I had in my old King Kong bag, which got stolen. Worst day of my CrossFit life. :’(

  • Melissa Barajas

    I would give the bag to my husband since he got my hooked on crossfit, then I’d make sure he bought me one & fill it with my nanos, jump rope, wrist grips, gym clothes, tape, foam roller, lacrosse ball, chalk, Oly’s, tampons, water bottle, protein & snacks for my kid since he goes to cf with me.

    • Melissa Barajas

      And I did all 4 entries….

  • Grant

    As someone who travels a lot for work, this would save me from unpacking my crossfit kit everytime I go away.

    No more pulling out my five-fingers, nano’s, oly-shoes, RX rope, rocktape, protein shaker, JAW handgrips, speed-roller, lacrosse ball and spare gym clothes.

    Sounds like a dream.

  • Brad Hansen

    Oly shoes, nanos, weight belt, three sets of writs straps, shin sleeves, Tommy Kono knee bands, tape, x2 jump ropes and a towel.

  • Stephanie Kennedy

    Wow…what a cool bag! I would have my gym shoes, clean clothes and shower stuff, ipod, water bottle.